1. I was tagged by lavieenrose—x. Danke, Kamerad.

    Rule One: Always post the rules.
    Rule Two: Answer the questions asked by your tagger and ask eleven more.
    Rule Three: Tag eleven people and link them to this post.
    Rule Four: Actually tell them you tagged them.

    Have you been taking care of yourself lately?
    Yeah m8. Still eating, as usual.

    What is your most favourite snack?
    Chocolate and Wotsits. Not together, no, ew.

    What would be the perfect future home for you?
    One big enough for galacticpixie and I to live in.

    Your favourite type of music?
    Video game OSTs and classic stuff like Queen, Elvis and Dolly Parton. Kek.

    What quality do you have that you are proud about?
    I am a master ruseman.

    Your best physical feature?
    My hair colour, never dyeing that shit.

    What dream do you have for your future? Do you think you’ll make it a reality? (I hope you do!)
    My dream is to make a scientific discovery. Preferably, one that is revolutionary.

    Favourite fashion?
    Normcore. Seriously, fuck fashion.

    Favourite video game or franchise?
    I’m torn between TF2 and BioShock, Don’t make me chooooose! D:

    Do you like baking?
    Fuck yeah. The Great British Bake-off is the shit. As is baking.

    This isn’t a question but I hope you take good care of yourself and show what you are made of… <3
    Gee, thanks!

    Alright, question time!

    1. Where’s Wally?
    2. What’s your favourite video game?
    3. Fite me 1v1, ya scrub n00b. i swer on me mam il shank u.
    4. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
    5. Name the main character in your favourite game.
    6. Bed, wed or behead said character?
    7. Do you like your handwriting?
    8. What is your favourite sandwich?
    9. Are you a keyboard warrior?
    10. What, if anything, is too serious to joke about?
    11. Can you fake any accents?

    Eleven blogs?! Fuck that. I’m tagging:
    galacticpixieloudnoisesxd and n0rwegian-wo0d. Good luck.

  2. tabbyborym:

    when people say that they stay up thinking about someone tHEY AINT FUCKIN KIDDING

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    Tf2 + text posts

    Very serious stuff

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  4. thefalseshepherd:

    Booker Searches for Elizabeth.

  5. shitpeoplesayintf2:

    shluk canformed fer smesh

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  6. ello-sketchie:

    This video explains how F*cked up in the head medic is.

    its why we love him.

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  8. galacticpixie:

    Starry Lolita


  9. rawdi-kun:

    dying before your friends and welcoming them to hell like


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  10. shitpeoplesayintf2:

    This would be incredibly offensive, if he spelled a single word correctly. As it stands this never fails to make me giggle.

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    You asked, Nintendo.

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  12. galacticpixie:

    Putting on my crazy eyes with my bae, ubersaw.

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